This made me laugh just a tiny bit…

So I guess he meant it in a funny way, but since she is the First Lady of the United States, maybe when complimenting her Joe Biden didn’t have to reference the “ghetto”. Pertaining to her hairstyle though, it’s pretty apparent that the ghetto-chic look is appealing to even the most prestige and honored women in fashion aka the president’s wife.

Here’s a bitly link to the article!


My Meme :)

This meme I found to be really fitting for my blog. Number one, the saying “Haters gonna hate” has been heard in many famous hip-hop songs. Other than this, the actual quote itself represents all that I want my blog to prove. I want people to see that dressing in a way that seems obscene can actually be really creative and artistic. “Haters” in this sense, are the people that can’t understand true art in style. They would judge a book by its cover and look at the surface of a person’s outfit and attitude without giving them the benefit of the doubt first. I see these people as haters because they are either jealous that they aren’t creative, or they are afraid of being different and standing out. People like this want to blend in with the crowd and not make a statement, and I’m all about statement making, especially when it comes to fashion. I think this meme shows strength and a “whatever” kind of attitude toward anyone who has something negative to say about ghetto-chic fashion trends.

Creative Commons !

Creative Commons !

My picture is of Kim and Kanye, obviously I like them a little bit. I found it on the Flickr site, which I see has a huge fan base.

I’m able to share this picture because I make my blog for free. No one pays me to make my blog and post on my blog. So because of this, I am able to use this picture legally. If I did pay people to send me pictures, then there would be some privacy issues of the pictures being sent, especially if I was paying to receive them. however, since I make this blog on my own these issue doesn’t play a part. Also, because my blog is for educational purposes, I am able to explore different websites with pictures and videos for free and legally because it’s for a nonprofit education reason. This relates to the Purpose area of the checklist that says you are allowed to use these pictures for educational reasons. Another aspect of my blog is that I don’t only use this one picture to relate my entire blog to. I actually have many pictures on my blog having to do with Ghetto-Chic fashion. All of these pictures make up the blog not just one picture so therefore it has little impact on my blog as a whole. My audience is small so my info really won’t get out to the world, and especially not back to the original photographer of the picture.

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I recently got my twitter back because a few months ago I had a social media meltdown and deleted everything. I decided to get my twitter back up and running so I can stay updated with my sorority information and also my celebrity friends…I wish. But anyway, I think if you guys want to promote my blog the best way to do that would be through twitter. You can quickly post a tweet about something I’ve recently written, or even tag the celebs I talk about in my posts. I always found twitter to be the quickest and most accessible social media site there is. Especially when promoting things. You can even hashtag things in the tweet so people from anywhere in the world can click on the hashtag and find my blog and see what I’m talking about that day.  I think if the goal were to get my blog out there for the world to see, starting with promoting it on twitter would be my best bet. Also because it doesn’t take much to post a quick tweet for people to see, doing so would save time, and also be a sure way to tell people about my blog or quote my blog as well.

My visit to Flight-Club NY

Last weekend I went to NYC and stopped at Flight Club, a world famous sneaker store. The prices were high and everyone inside had a sense of fashion and were looking to get whatever shoe they didn’t already have in their collection. I was more so there to check out the store, and window shop. The prices of shoes range from $200-1,000, when original box price is usually $160-180. Seems like a bit of a scam doesn’t it? Well, it is. But people who truly love to collect sneakers will go to the ends of the earth to get a shoe even if they have to pay triple what it came out for. It’s something only true collectors understand.
I think it’s important to talk so much about sneakers because alot of Ghetto-chic fashion trends are based around the love and devotion to sneakers. Especially in the celebrity world. Basic outfits like jeans and boots, or heels isn’t always as risky anymore. Today, it’s all about pairing sneakers with an outfit that’s fierce and incomparable.

check out the website, it’s pretty sick.

Isn’t she just adorable?!

Here she is again wearing another pair of her cements with a floral jumper. Can she be any more Fabulous? This picture is also from Celebrity Sneaker Watch.

Rita Ora looking lovely in her Cement 3s

Rita Ora looking lovely in her Cement 3s

I love Rita Ora. She is such a fashion icon when it comes to Ghetto-chic trends. Here she has on a vintage Camo jacket over a red zebra dress, paired with her Air Jordan Cement 3s. Such an unexpected mix, but it’s PERFECT in every way. Don’t you think? this picture is from Celebrity Sneaker Watch.